Enhance Your Asset Performance with Our Superior Property Management Services

The Equity Group has years of expertise in managing rental properties in Visalia and surrounding areas. With an extensive experience of nearly 20+ years under our belt, we enable our clients to experience financial success for their rental properties.

Quality Tenant Placement for Your Property

We thoroughly screen applicants, verify income, run credit checks, and discuss rental criteria before placing tenants in your rental.

Regular Maintenance to Improve Property's Condition

We handle minor repairs and maintain relationships with local vendors to secure the best service at competitive prices.


Strategic Rental Marketing and Listing

With our expert online advertising, we showcase your Visalia property on our website and leading rental listing platforms.

Accessible and Efficient Communication

With a 24/7 emergency phone service & online portals for owners, we prioritize accessibility and efficiency in managing your property.

Rental Analysis for Optimal Pricing

Our free rental analysis considers local market dynamics, property features, and comparable listings to ensure competitive pricing for your asset.

Legal Compliance for Your Peace of Mind

From tenant screening to lease agreements, we ensure adherence to all legal requirements, providing peace of mind throughout the rental process.


Tailored Investment Strategies

We understand that each property is distinct, and our services reflect this commitment to tailored solutions.


Local Market Expertise

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge allow us to tailor strategies that align with local market trends.


24/7 Property Concierge Service

Our team is ready to address any property issues promptly, providing exceptional support for your peace of mind.

We Offer Unique Customer Services That Help You Earn More

At The Equity Group, our unique customer services are designed to elevate your property investment experience. From tailored strategies and proactive problem-solving to community-centric solutions and cutting-edge technology, we ensure your property meets and exceeds expectations.

Choose us for a results-driven approach that consistently earns you more and sets a new standard in property management excellence.

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Why Work With Us

At The Equity Group, we go beyond traditional property management solutions. Our energetic and proactive team loves real estate, ensuring your investment receives unparalleled care and leadership in property management across Tulare and Kings Counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a property owner looking for reliable management or a tenant seeking a quality living experience, we have answers to common queries about our services, locations, fees, and more.

Why should I choose The Equity Group for property management in Visalia?

The Equity Group is your trusted partner in Visalia property management, offering comprehensive services backed by decades of experience. Our proactive and energetic team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring the success of your real estate investment.

What areas in Visalia does The Equity Group cover?

We proudly provide property management services in Visalia, including neighborhoods like Tulare, Hanford, Lemoore, Dinuba, Reedley, Porterville, and surrounding areas. Our in-depth local market knowledge allows us to offer tailored solutions for each location.

How can you assist with tenant placement?

Our tenant placement services involve thorough screening processes, including income verification, credit checks, and discussions about rental criteria. We prioritize placing responsible tenants to protect your property and ensure a positive rental experience.

What maintenance services does The Equity Group offer for Visalia properties?

We coordinate maintenance and repairs for your property, leveraging relationships with local vendors to provide competitive pricing. Our in-house maintenance staff handles minor repairs, and all vendors are licensed, insured, and held to high professional standards.

What is the fee structure for The Equity Group's property management services?

Our fee structure varies based on the service level chosen:
Leasing Only Service: 1 Month’s Rent
Full-Service Management – Single Family Home: $95 Flat Per Home (No management fee during vacancies)
Full-Service Management – Multi-Family and Commercial: 5-8% of Collected Income
Additional Fee: $150 per lease agreement secured on move-in and annual lease renewals.

Areas We Serve

Visalia, CA


Lemoore is on a steady growth trajectory with a strong community spirit and ties to naval aviation. The presence of Naval Air Station Lemoore lends stability to the local economy, making it an appealing choice for savvy investors.

Tulare, CA


Dinuba's position as an agricultural hub and its charming community atmosphere make it an enticing destination for investors. The city's proximity to major agricultural activities ensures a consistent demand for rental properties.

Hanford, CA


Reedley is often called the "Fruit Basket of the World." The city's serene atmosphere and strong agricultural presence create a stable environment for rental investments. Its appeal lies in its scenic surroundings and a growing community that values a peaceful lifestyle.

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